What to expect

What to expect

Before You Arrive 
We have packed this website with great information. We hope you'll learn what sets Friendship Village apart like our nonprofit priorities, our busy activities calendar and our Lifecare difference.

However, no amount of reading can give you 'the feeling of being home' like an on-site visit can.

Take a moment to gather up some financial information. Some people say they experience a bit of ‘sticker shock’ when considering moving into a continuum of care community because of its “all-inclusive” approach to services. The charges at home don’t seem so great since they are paid out in smaller increments over time. If you bring those costs along, we can help you compare.
"I needed nursing care for a few weeks after my surgery. The care was great and so was the food. I received a lot of support from my new friends that I have made since moving in. They decorated my door and threw a welcome home party." Vi Holmes
At Your Visit 
We can accommodate a tour to fit your schedule. Allow as much time as you can, but we suggest one to two hours. Let’s treat you to a lunch or dinner, too. That way you can see how friendly the family can be AND you’ll enjoy some great cuisine, too!

A member of the staff will begin the visit by getting to know more about your individual situation. What are you looking for? Are there any mobility or cognitive difficulties? What do you like to do in your free time? Equipped with that information, we can see some model and actual apartments that might work for you.

We will also see the common areas that include game and craft rooms, dining rooms, lounges and more.
On Your First Day 
Moving can be stressful. That’s why we have residents assigned to you to help you get acclimated and comfortable. While they may not be the ones you would want moving the piano, helping you get settled and ‘lifting’ your spirits are what they do best. 

Don’t worry about getting turned around or losing your way. Your neighbors and staff members are handy to answer any questions you have about locations or schedules.
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