Therapy: Physical, Occupational, and Speech 

Your On-Site therapy team provides everything you need so you never have to leave your Friendship Village home! From the major to the minor – begin your recovery journey with us.

If you have had replacement surgery (knee, hip, etc.) or have suffered a stroke, our team can put you on the road to recovery quickly. Friendship Village has partnered with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare to offer the latest techniques and trained staff.

Stop by any therapy room or call Angie for more details. 
Physical Therapy: Addresses concerns with gait (walking), safety, weakness, pain, balance/coordination issues, and decreased endurance that can be impaired after an injury or surgery. 

Occupational Therapy: Addresses concerns with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, eating, strengthening, safety and community mobility. 

Speech Therapy: Addresses concerns with swallowing, choking, speech and language difficulties, and deficits in thinking skills which may have resulted from a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson's disease, etc. 

Contact Angie Westendorf at 319-272-7979 (voicemail), at the Friendship Village Therapy Office at 319-291-8122, or via email at
"I was in therapy for about 8 months. Whether you need a week or months, this is the right place. Every therapist I worked with cared for me and my progress. One of the reasons I moved to Friendship Village was because they have a health center and therapy right on campus." 
Mary Craven

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