Friends At Home

Friends At Home

Care Where You Are 
At Friendship Village, we are dedicated to providing care no matter where… at your home in the community or here at Friendship Village, Landmark Commons or Rosewood Estate. Should that be round the clock care following a fall or medical emergency to simpler tasks like laundry or errands, Friends At Home can help. You will find the convenience and comfort of having skilled “friends” stop by on a regular basis. 
"I use Friends At Home services and I LOVE IT! Jenna is amazing and treats me so well. She understands, takes time to listen and treats me like a person. I am grateful for Friends At Home!" Howard Bahls
Providing In-Home Care  
Remain in your home without the worry of household, health, and social tasks. Friends At Home offers affordable services that adapt to fit individual needs and wants of you and/or your loved one to ensure the best care. Assistance is available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

See below for a services listing.

Contact Maria Streich, R.N. at (319) 291-1363 to schedule a no obligation assessment.

Service Listing
Daily Living & Hygiene 
  • Assist with bath and bedtime; Skin care and cleanliness of entire body; Wash hands/face/hair (brush, shampoo, style)
  • Assist with walking, wheel chair, or cane; Safe transferring; Stand with assistance; Supervision of exercise 
  • Assist with eating and drinking 
  • Assisting with feminine hygiene needs/apply makeup 
  • Brushing teeth/dentures 
  • Changing incontinence products 
  • Clean/insert hearing aids 
  • Clean oxygen equipment 
  • Colostomy care/empty drainage bags 
  • Dressing/undressing 
  • Home visit check or telephone calls to monitor
  • Meal planning/prep for next day 
  • Medication reminding/administration 
  • Nail care 
  • Pet care (feed, water, walk, bathe) 
  • Pick up mail 
  • Positioning in bed or chair 
  • Prepare breakfast, lunch, and/or supper 
  • Shaving (with electric or safety razor) 
  • Take out trash/recycling 
  • Toileting: commode, bedpan, urinal 

Companionship/Doctor Visits
  • Communication between pharmacy/doctor/family 
  • Emotional support 
  • Encouragement of independence 
  • Encouragement to exercise/eat 
  • Escort to appointments/pick up prescriptions 
  • Play games, cards, or puzzles 

  • Read a book 
  • Shopping (together or for you) 
  • Socialization activities 
  • Supervision and oversight 
  • Transportation & event escort 

  • Change bed linens/make bed 
  • Clean inside windows or blinds 
  • Clean kitchen surfaces 
  • Clean or defrost refrigerator (inside) 
  • Clean oven/microwave 
  • Clean toilet, bathroom sink, bathtub, mirrors, or shower 
  • Dust and polish furniture 
  • Hang/fold/put away clothes  
  • Heavy cleaning (floors, walls, carpets, rugs, exterior windows, patio, woodwork, etc.)
  • Laundry (washer/dryer, laundromat, or hand-wash) 
  • Vacuum/wet mop/sweep floors 
  • Wash dishes 
Handyman tasks
  • Assist with gardening or plant care
  • Assist with pest control and traps 
  • Bill paying 
  • Correspondence assistance 
  • Email/computer assistance 
  • Lawn care and maintenance (cut grass, rake, edge, etc.); Clearing sidewalks of ice, snow, etc. 
  • Light or outdoor tasks (i.e., lightbulbs, bird feeders) 
  • Organize closets & general organizing 
  • Sweep sidewalks or steps 
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